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Jun 25, 2010 at 08:05 AM

OS Migration from HP Unix to AIX : Error in Installing Target System


Hello All,

I have successfully exported the database of my R3 4.7 source system which is on Oracle 9i and HP Unix.

Now I am trying to build a target system on AIX with Oracle 10g.

While Installing Central Instance, in Database parameters screen I didnt get an option for 102 as Oracle Client version but 102 option was there for Oracle server version. Hence I change the value 920 to 102 in oradbpar.xml in my Installation directory and has continued to the next step.

Now during the installation I am getting an error as :

FJS-00003 TypeError: linkTarget has no properties (in script InstallationScript_291, line 8977: ???)

Please help me out in this.

Also let me know if there is a seperate Installation master for Installing 4.7 ssystems.