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Feb 01, 2019 at 08:44 PM

May I use SAPLogon (GUI 740 and GUI 750) for 2 instances (Sap ECC6.0 EHP7 and SAP Netweaver 751 )?


Hi everybody! I have a question that I can not solve ..

I installed on my PC a SapGui 750 to access a remote server. So I can practice on one of the modules that interest me and that comes with the SAP ECC6. HP7. (His GUI is the 750 version)

On the other hand, I just installed a virtualBox 5.2.26 r .. in which I installed a Linux <OpenSuse Leap-42.3> This linux hosts <SAP AS ABAP 750 SP02 Dev>. That way I can also start learning ABAP (Its GUI is version 740)

My question is whether I can connect to the SAP server on only one of the GUIs or do I have to use the GUI that has been implemented with either system?

I would like to try on the GUI 750 to continue accessing the ECC and add the necessary parameters to access the server dedicated to NetWeaver ...

I hope I have been clear for your understanding of my problem Can there be a problem with this manipulation? Because it has already taken me a lot of time to mount all this ..

I'm using an "old" Dell Alienware 5x / with Windows 10 pro 64 bit / 10GB of RAM / Intel (R) Core (TM) processor i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz, 3001 MHz, 4 core (s), 4 logical processor (s).

Someone can enlighten me on the choices. thank you in advance