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Jun 25, 2010 at 02:20 AM

pricing condition becomes active


HI All,

We have a discount/surcharge pricing condition YYYY, during billing we expect it to be inactive because there's a high priority discount/pricing condition XXXX that should only be active.

Now our problem is that pricing condition YYYY intermettently becomes active.

I checked the BasType routine for this in V/08 and I found out that it will only be triggered if it meet the requirements like;

* in multi-dimensional freight calculation only for KRECH NE T
    IF xkomv-krech NE 'T'.
* recursive calculation puts rounding difference in basis
* pricing with type E follows and basis must be calculated
      IF komp-kposn NE 0 AND ( ( preisfindungsart NE 'E' AND
           xkomv-ksteu NA 'EG' ) OR basiszeile NE 0 )    AND
         ( xkomv-kmxaw NE 'X' OR xkomv-ksteu NE 'F' )    AND
           xkomv-kinak NA 'AL'.
*   .... etc  

in standard program LV61AA55 (XKOMV_BEWERTEN).

some of the checks above failed, but i can't trace where it get it's value because when I bill and debug, it all passed the checking, only when I debug in display mode that i found out that it filled on the above checking..

I had billed via VF01, VF04, and VF06 but when I debugged it all had set YYYY to inactive, but when I won't debug and just bill it directly, some of the billing docs would have active YYYY.

Hope you can help me with this.