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Jun 24, 2010 at 07:21 PM

Stock Taking After 2 years going live


Due to various reasons, after 2.5 years of going live, we are finally doing a inventory count in our warehouses.

What makes this more complex is that, in one of the warehouses, we have been selling a lot of the inventory but using a POS not integrated into SAP. Thereby the inventory has accumulated in SAP B1 but only in the computer record. The revenues however have been recorded in the proper Revenue account using gl entry.

Therefore, i want to confirm our method to clean this up:

Step 1: Do an inventory count per warehouses and load results into SAP Inventory Tracking or load it via oStocktaking (we have done that)

Step 2: Post Inventory using Item Cost per warehouse

Step 3: Using Inventory in Warehouse report to check that the value of inventory and at each item is correct per warehouse

Step 4: Using the dollar value of inventory, adjust the Inventory Acct for that warehouse using a journal entry

By doing the above, going forward, we will at least have synchronized values in the Inventory acct to match the value which the Inventory in Warehouse report shows.

Thanks for reading and helping out.