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Former Member
Jun 24, 2010 at 02:23 PM

Validation - Qualified table


Hi all

Im using MDM 5.5 SP06 and i have the following scenario

Main table:

Field: Materyal type: ERSA

Field: Material group: 1234

Qualified table:

Field (Qualifier-NO): Alternative Unit: PZ

Field (Qualifier-YES): Num: 3

Field (Qualifier-YES): Denom: 4

Field (Qualifier-NO): Alternative Unit: BT

Field (Qualifier-YES): Num: 32

Field (Qualifier-YES): Denom: 14

Field (Qualifier-NO): Alternative Unit: BA

Field (Qualifier-YES): Num: 100

Field (Qualifier-YES): Denom: 25

i want to validate if the material type is ERSA & Material group es 1234, if i have 3 set values in my qualified table is fine but if i type one record with PZ, then the NUM field: must be 3 and and DENOM field must be 4; the values of the rest of the alternatives is fine

Does this is possible?