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Jun 24, 2010 at 01:32 PM

Compiling Include with all Related Reports



This issue is bothering me since I started working in ABAP, but now I

decided to check if there is a solution/work-around for it.

The scenario is as follow:

You created an Include, which is shared between several Reports.

When you change some code in this Include you'll get a popup screen asking what is the main program for this Include (see attachment "Include_Main_Program_Issue.JPG").

I have few issues regarding it:


Since all the related Reports see the same version at a given time, What does "...Main Program..." means?


Is there a way to compile all the related Reports when this Include is compiled, especially since this compilation happens anyway when the Include is transported as a CR to another system?

As far as I remember (it was quite some times ago...) other programming languages have this feature build in seamlessly.


Ayal Telem.