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Jun 24, 2010 at 12:53 PM

SNP run with multiple source locations



I am trying to execute a Planning Run for Manufacturing Location -> Depot model. Scenario is that a depot can be supplied from two maufacturing locations ( m1 and M2).

For the transportation lane of M1 i've given highest priority as 1 and for M2 i've given lowest priority as 2 and i've maintained quota as 100 % at both manufacturing locations.

here what i want is when im taking planning run demand should be raised againt both the manufacturing locations but when deployment run is happening based on priority allocation should occur from manufacturing locations.

same can be explained by below examples.

1) say for material M the demand is 3000 and stock at M1 is 4000 and at M2 is 2000. Then in deployment run entire 3000 should be picked up from M1. currently is this scenarion with settings mentioned above what happening is in planning run againt source locations m1 and m2 requirement is 1500 and in deployment run same getting picked up from respective locatrions.

2) the demand is 3000 and stock at M1 is 2000 and stock at m2 is 3000 then in deployment run 2000 should get picked up from M1 and remaining 1000 from M2 basis priority.