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Jun 24, 2010 at 12:56 PM

CR XI R2 is not loading VDF file



We are developing an ERP software. The software was developed in VDF (Visual Data Flex). Now we are converting that software to .Net + SQL Server platform.

We have lot of reports which is created in Crystal report 8.5 (this is for VDF version of our software).

We have another version of our software that is using SQL server as backend and VDF as front end. For this we are using Crystal Report XI. But here only one file is not yet converted to SQL it is still using .dat file of VDF for storing details. This file is storing images blob field. Both the versions of our software are using Crystal Report SDK for populating data from the corresponding database.

Now we are converting the SQL version to web based application. Here we are facing an issue that we are not able to load VDF file (.dat). We have installed CR XI R2 for solving red X issue of image loading. But we are not able to load dat file in CR XI R2. It is showing "Failed to load database information crdb_p2bdfapi.dll could not be loaded"

Is it possible to remove this error?


Baby C S