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Jun 24, 2010 at 05:52 AM

BPM Objects



I have a complex scenario and am implementing this design.

I take three files and using BPM, merge it. Then send this merged file to an ABAP Proxy using stnchronous step and then send the output to receiver asynchronously.

I have created three DT, MT, MI each for all the sender files, three files. Then I created a DT, MT and MI for the merged file which woould be sent to Proxy. Then DT, MT and MI for the receiver file as well.

Am I missing anything in the IR ?

Again in ID, I have created three rReceiver Determinations for each of the sender interfaces to BPM. Then one RD for the merged file which is going to be sent to proxy ynchronously. From Abstract Syn interface, to ECC. Then another RD for the Asynchronous Abstract Interface of BPM to receiver file.

Are my RD objects correct ? Same for Interface Determination as well.