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Jun 24, 2010 at 04:55 AM

STO process gone bad


Dear Gurus,


We have configured the STO process between Plant 4000 to Plant 4400 and everything was working good. The end user wanted a little more facility, so we went for one step procedure.

SPRO - Materials Management - Purchasing - Purchase Order - Set up Stock Transport Order - Assign Document Type, One-Step Procedure, Underdelivery Tolerance -

Sup Plant Rec Plant Doc Typ One Step Tolerance

4000 -- -4400



Well it did not work (of course because of our non configuration and for lack of time), so we wanted to go back to 2 step procedure, we have deleted the above line.

Now the problem we are having is that the previously working 2 step procedure is not working.

STO is getting created with 'Shipping' tab in ME21N and when we do VL10B, system is showing the STO.

When we highlight it and click on Back ground, we are getting the message:

*_See log for information about creating deliveries

Message no. VR547_*

Now when we again highlight the STO line and click on 'Log for Delivery Creation' button, system is giving this error message:





When i click this line and click on 'Notes' button, system is showing the following messages:

4500000539 000010 Sales area 18 00 is not defined

4500000539 000010 Shipping for sales org. dist. chan. from plant 4000 is not possible

4500000539 000010 Delivery from plant 4000 for material 9 is not possible

Regarding line 1: Sales Area 4000 18 00 is defined and it worked before and is still available in Ent Struc - Assignment - S&D - Set up Sales Areas.

Regarding line 2: Sales Org 4000, Distribution Channel 18 are assigned to Plant 4000 in Ent Struc - Assignment - S&D -

Assign Sales Org - Dist Channel - Plant.

We have maintained the Plant data for both the Plants as follows:

4ooo - No Customer number - Sales Area 4000-18-00

4400 - Customer Number 4400 - Sales Area 4000-18-00.

So why am I getting this fault and what do i do to rectify this situation. Gurus please help as we need to complete this in 2 days time.

Thanks for your support in advance.

With best regards

Venkat - Hyd