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Jun 23, 2010 at 10:42 PM

Crystal Reports not showing Master Data Information


Hello Experts,

I have created Crystal report in top of Bex Query, I have grouping on G/L Accounts like Cash, Inventory and so on and I have Key figure in the report. Now the issue is if there is no data in cube for some of this accounts, it is not showing in my Balance Sheet.

For Example I have created Grouping in My Balance Sheet Like this

Current Asset (Title) Cumulative Balance

Cash (grouping based on G/L accounts) 10

Short Term Investments (grouping based on G/L accounts) 10

Inventory (grouping based on G/L accounts) 10

Total Current Assets 30

But for example if there is no data in Cube for Cash then my Total for current assets is not calculating properly . here is the formula I am using for Total Current assets


numbervar a4;

numbervar b4;

numbervar c4;

if GroupName ({@Grouping}) = ['Cash'] then

a4:= Sum ({ZM_N_GL01_ZQ_N_ZM_N_GL01_05.M[Measures].[D8AVRDVZ0I8KVVKY8T428JZLS]M}, {@Grouping});

if GroupName ({@Grouping}) = ['Short Term Investments '] then

b4:=a4+ Sum ({ZM_N_GL01_ZQ_N_ZM_N_GL01_05.M[Measures].[D8AVRDVZ0I8KVVKY8T428JZLS]M}, {@Grouping});

if GroupName ({@Grouping}) = ['Inventory'] then

c4:= b4+ Sum ({ZM_N_GL01_ZQ_N_ZM_N_GL01_05.M[Measures].[D8AVRDVZ0I8KVVKY8T428JZLS]M}, {@Grouping});

Any work around to populate dummy data if there is not data in Cube?



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