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Jun 23, 2010 at 10:21 PM

Unable to connect to SAP BW Server incomplete logon data WIS 10901


Question related to the incomplete logon data -

After completing the necessary setup for creating trust between BW and BOE, some users are able to refresh the webi report (for data in BW) successfully (no credentials are entered during report refresh). Windows AD SSO has been configured using Kerberos and user aliases have been linked automatically (based on SAP short name and AD ID).

However for some users, when they tried to run the same webi report, they are getting the following error -

Database error occured. The database error text is - Unable to connect to SAP BW server Incomplete logon data (WIS 10901).

All the users belong to the same role and have equal rights in CMC. However for some users, the webi report is refreshed fine and for others not (even though they can execute the same Bex query in BW).

I have tested this scenario on few user machines who are getting incomplete logon data issue.

- Launch universe designer on their machine (using SAP authentication).

- In tools-connections, change the authentication type in universe from 'SSO' to 'Specified user name and password' for the connection used in the universe.

- Click next to see the list of items they have access to.

- Click cancel without applying any changes in the universe connection.

- Try to run the webi report in infoview and everything seem to work just fine.

And for some users (who are also getting incomplete logon data message in infoview while running the webi report),

- After changing the authentication type (in connections) to specified user name and password and after entering their credentials, the above work around is not working at all and they are getting the incomplete logon data error after clicking on next button.

Is there any acceptable workaround for this type of problem? The above mentioned workaround cannot be deployed due to number of users in the system. If you have worked on this before / know how to appply this fix / work around, could you let me know?

Appreciate any inputs on this subject.