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Feb 05, 2019 at 08:04 AM

SAP PI SuccessFactor Adapter pay period changes


Dear Experts,

I have a requirement where we need to run our interface between the pay period. I know the query for running the pay period but how these pay period dates will change dynamically.

SELECT person,person_relation,personal_information,employment_information,job_information FROM CompoundEmployee where last_modified_on > to_datetime('2018-10-24T08:47:15Z') AND fromDate = to_date('2018-08-01','YYYY-MM-DD') AND toDate = to_date('2018-10-01','YYYY-MM-DD')

For last modified date, if we specify the field "${deltasync.maxDateFromLastRun}" in communication channel query then PI will dynamically calculates and takes the last modified. In same manner do we have any dynamic variables like for pay period dates ? If yes, could you please provide. Or scheduling is only the option ? Please clarify.