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Jun 23, 2010 at 02:56 PM

Delivery rescheduled during packing - problem


We have a process where we invoice packaging material. When we create the handling unit in the delivery packing, and use material with the relevant item category assignment, an item in the delivery is created.

The problem is that at the same time, the delivery is rescheduled. As we have set up pick/pack time = 1 or 2 shifts in shipping point dependent on route, and the packing is done as the last step before goods issue, the goods issue date shifts 1 u2013 2 days into the future.

As we are in a common system and client with other countries, and the shipping and scheduling process is handled differently, the delivery type is set up with scheduling active. On delivery create we override the parameter with user exit MOVE_FIELD_TO_LIPS. (In our process we want to keep the schedule coming from the sales order in the delivery).

Apparently this user exit is not active when items are added from packing.

I have searched all documentation I can find, as well as this forum and the Wiki. So far I have found no reference.

Any tip of how we can solve this, would be appreciated.

System is 4.6C

Brgds & thanks up front

Lars Aam