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Jun 23, 2010 at 02:22 PM

PI for integration of non-SAP to non-SAP


Hello experts,

Does anyone have experience with PI for integration of non-SAP to non-SAP systems? Are there performance issues or issues with scalability? Are there examples of companies that have been successful with non-SAP to non-SAP using PI?

I realize that non-SAP to non-SAP is easily accomplished. I am certain that we can handle the development. However, many of our colleagues make statements such as:

"PI is good for SAP to SAP or for SAP to non-SAP, but for non-SAP to non-SAP use something else."

These same people often recommend Websphere MQ.

After much searching, I also see that a similar question has been asked here before in 2006.

XI - Can it handle non-SAP to non-SAP systems integration?

I am hoping that over the past 4 yearsI, some of you will have new experience in this area.

Best Regards,