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Multiple contexts issue


I am using Bo XI R3.1. I've 3 classes in universe people Details, Project status Report, project Details. Also based on this classes 3 contexts has been created which are project_status, people and project and joins which belong to these classes has been added in three of this contexts. Now if objects has been taken from different classes (which are based on different contexts) in webi rich client report it is showing as synchronization with two select statements. The display of data is in two tables but there some empty columns. There are no measure objects used in universe. I've gone through the queries based on this issue in this forum but didn't understand.

The option multiple sql statement for each context is also checked under parameters.

I would like to know

If the data coming is correct or not

If we can display all the columns in one table (single query instead of two queries)

Please advise the solution in detail.

Thanks in advance.

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    Jun 25, 2010 at 05:18 PM

    You need to look at how your contexts are built. If there are no "circular" references, such as where two tables are linked together and then each of them has a link to third table, you don't really need contexts.

    If you do have this situation, you'll need to either expand your contexts to include the tables from all of the classes, but avoid circular references or you'll need to redesign the universe to use aliases instead of multiple links to a single table. Which route you take will depend on what your data looks like.



    Loan -> Loan_History -> History_Session
        |                    ^
        V                    |
    Tax_Line -> Tax_Line_History 

    In this case, there's never a situation where we will be showing both loan and tax line history in the same "table" on a report - they don't make sense when combined. So, we created two contexts - one for Loan History that also included the Tax_Line table and one for Tax Line History that also included the Loan table. Sometimes users have to select the context they need for the report, but we trained the users and wrote documentation that explains what that means.


    Employee -> Department
          |      ^
          V      |

    In this case there are times when we want to see both the employee's department and the manager's department in the same table. So we aliased the Department table so that department information could be queried for both types of people. (Actually, Manager is an alias for the Employee table, but we aliased because we needed to relate two different instances of the same table, not because we needed to resolve a circular reference.)


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      Thanks for the replies.

      I've removed the context and ran the check integrity by checking the options check for loops and check for context and it is showing as OK

      This indicates there are no presence of loops in universe.

      Also i would like to know there is no cardinality defined in universe does that mean there is no need to check for chasm traps. There would be no possibility for fantraps as there are no measure objects.

      Edited by: Eswar Rao on Jun 29, 2010 5:40 AM