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How can I trigger a USER_COMMAND for alv grid "toolbar" ???


i have the standard ALV Grid "toolbar" and if i click to the Button "&LOCAL&COPY_ROW" than i want try to make a Refresh to my ALV Table in the Event "afteruser_command"_!!!!

Here is the implementation of my Event *"afteruser_command":*_

METHOD on_after_user_command.

........DATA: ls_stable TYPE lvc_s_stbl.

.....CASE e_ucomm.



........ls_stable-row = 'X'.

........ls_stable-col = 'X'.

........CALL METHOD gr_grid_d0100->refresh_table_display


.......................is_stable = ls_stable


.......................finished = 1

.......................OTHERS = 2.



But it doesnt work.

Is there another function code for the Copy Button????



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2 Answers

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    Jul 07, 2010 at 01:35 PM

    Hello Ersin,

    the events "after_user_command", "before_user_command" and "user_command" will not be fired when selecting this command!

    In my opinion, there is no solution, to fire these events, using this alv-function!

    But there is a trick:

    1. Register on the event "toolbar" with an own method:

          toolbar_own          for event toolbar of cl_gui_alv_grid
                                       importing e_object

    In this method change the function code of "&LOCAL&COPY_ROW", but don´t change the row of the entry, because the button should appear on the same place in the toolbar:

        field-symbols: <ls_toolbar>  type stb_button.
        read table e_object->mt_toolbar with key function = '&LOCAL&COPY_ROW'
                                        assigning <ls_toolbar>.
        if sy-subrc = 0.
          <ls_toolbar>-function = 'COPYROW_OWN'.

    2. Register on the event "user_command" ( I think, that´s clear ):

          user_cmd_own           for event user_command
                                              of cl_gui_alv_grid
                                              importing e_ucomm,

    ( don´t forget the set handler-commands for both events:

    set handler po_alv_own->user_cmd_own for po_alv_own.

    set handler po_alv_own->toolbar_own for po_alv_own. )

    3. Now you can react in the method "user_command" on your own function code:

        case e_ucomm.
          when 'COPYROW_OWN'.
            perform copy_row using    me
                             changing gt_bis_cf_out.

    Sample code for copying the current line:

    FORM COPY_ROW  using    po_alv_own          type ref to gcl_alv_own
                   changing pt_table_alv      type gt_table_alv_t.
      data: l_index         type i,
            ls_table_alv   type gs_table_alvt_t.
      call method po_alv_own->get_current_cell
           e_row     = l_index.
    *      e_value   =
    *      e_col     =
    *      es_row_id =
    *      es_col_id =
    *      es_row_no =
      "read the current line:
      read table pt_table_alv index l_index
                               into ls_table_alv_out.
      "some changes for the new row:
      clear: ls_table_alv-style,
      "insert the new line:
      add 1 to l_index.
      insert ls_table_alv into pt_table_alv index l_index.
      po_alv_own->refresh( ).
    ENDFORM.                    " COPY_ROW

    In this manner the events "after_user_command", "before_user_command" are fired, too!

    For information: My problem was, that the ALV-function copied the style-information too, so in the new line, some fields are not editable. At least his field must be cleared!

    Best regard

    Thomas Scheuermann

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    Former Member
    Jun 23, 2010 at 11:40 AM


    have u checked in debug wat e_ucomm u r getting ? the ucomm which u get is ' %_GC 209 18' check with this ...

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    • Former Member


      i can´t check the e_ucomm in the debug Modus, because if i click to this local Button than the Events "User_command" and "After_user_command" dont be called.

      Which Event can be triggered from the Local function codes (e.g. ' &LOCAL&APPEND ')????

      If i overwrite the function code with the toolbar Event to 'LOCAPPEND', than i can trigger the e_ucomm in the "User_command" and "after_user_command".

      What is the reason, that local function codes can´t be triggered from Events????