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Jun 23, 2010 at 11:12 AM

Showing Grey Colour on EWA session only for PI systems



I have a strange issue when I try to generate EWA report for PI systems. For all other systems the reports are generated fine and in PI systems are exactly the same configurations as in other systems. I want to let you know that in PI systems in SDCCN there I have scheduled Sessions Refresh with target RFC destination SM_<SID>CLNT000_BACK (Solution Manager) and Maintenance Package with target RFC SM_<SID>CLNT000_BACK (Solution Manager). After Maintenance Package is running this generate one session number being send to Solution Manager. I think the configurations in satellite systems are ok (PI systems), but in solution manager after I start to process the data I get one report generated with grey color and only two pages. Do you know which will be the reason? Also I checked note 727998, and this didnu2019t help me.

Thank you,

Kind regards,

Florin Radulea