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Feb 04, 2019 at 06:24 AM

Days difference between line requirement stock and GR


Hello all,

I have a question about line requirement stock (in MD04) and GR.

If I need the stock on Day 10 on the line and I have GR of 4 days, I supposed that stock will be in warehouse Day 6 (10-4). But I saw in SAP that SAP add 1 or 2 days before line requirement (depends of working hours per day). If I have 15 working hours, SAP add 1 day and if I have 7.5 working hours, SAP add 2 days.

So let suppose that we have 15 working hours per day, the stock will be in warehouse : 10-4-1 (sap added day) = Day 5.

Can someone explain me this (adding days) and how it is work ? If you have Visual representation of this, it will be very helpful.

Thank you.