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Jun 22, 2010 at 07:04 PM

GORDON DU HITS 35,000 REWARDS - Congrats and Thanks Gordon


Now anyone who has helped another person on this forum knows that it takes some time to get the facts and answers together to help someone get an answer to a question, direct them to a proper place, review the SQL they have posted, etc etc.

Here is something for you to imagine - how many hours would it take to do that kind of work to obtain 35,000 rewards???

Pretty darn long! And a whole lot of commitment to helping anyone out. No matter how simple or complex the question and/or posting can get, Gordon is ready to jump into action. And that is exactly what Gordon has done for us all - put in lots of time and put in lots of commitment.

Now I, for one, am glad that there is someone like Gordon here in SAP B1. The first post I made several years ago was answered by Gordon - Correct Answer, Helpful Advice, and off he went to help another individual. Because Gordon was good enough to help me, I thought I should return the favor to the SAP B1 community and come on here when I can to answer questions between "gigs". I really do not know how Gordon continues to do this; especially with the amount of hours he must be putting in for SAP B1.

Gordon, as we say in American - you are the man!!!

Actually, as a side note, thanks to everyone who helps out in this and other forums - there is no other place we could find solutions to our many questions and problems.

So Gordon - congratulations to you and many many thanks for the answers and tips you have provided and continue to provide...

Fellow SAP B1ers - make sure you say a special thank you to Gordon the next time he helps you out - he really does have your best interest at heart...

Take care, mate - Zal

PS - I have been waiting all day long to do this post watching the points tallying up on his rewards page...finally!!!