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Jun 22, 2010 at 02:15 PM

Beginneru00B4s questions on WDA ALV


Dear sirs,

first let me apologize for a question about the basics, but I didn´t search any sources where I could read the answer myself (in fact few basic ABAP WD sources are repeated 10 times, but no "advanced" concepts can be found:((.

My questions are about the WDA ALV:

- how can I "bind"/connect an adobe form to the ALV print button? Can anybody provide a tutorial link or a short explanation? Is that right that the printing program will then be called with the complete dataset I see in the ALV or I could use the button to print the form for a single ALV row (or multiple, based on the user selection)

- how can I add a button to redirect the user to another view into the ALV column? I wonder if that could work this way - to have a column where there is a button for each row for the redirect. Or should I add a button and on this button click trigger the action where I first find what ALV row is selected and use it as input for the redirect operation?

- how can I create a variant for my ALV? I understand how to hide columns, but I expect there is a "variant" mechanism like for SAPGUI ALV.

Thank you for for your time and effort,

regards Otto