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Jun 22, 2010 at 10:32 AM

Work Flow Issues 2


Dear Experts,

Process step in work flow.

A WF can have 'atleast one 'Process step but can have many..

it also says this steps defines which user with which role should start the process.

if person A is assigned to design a WF, does this STEP means his uesr name and role should be mentioned ???

If person B is assigned to design a WF AND THIS WORKFLOW will be monitored or worked by Person C,

does this mean that here Person B while creating this WF should mention only the user person c details???


in the options of steps in Process i came accross none otherthan 'execution type'- parallel sequence..

what does this option do logically, in this step we dont define any values then where is the point of processing parallely or sequentially???

may b, the data which should be processed is coming fro previos step??? if so, should we need to include this step allways after a step which transfers data??

If so, in what situations we use this step? Can any one explain with a clear simple example.

Please help!!

Kind Regards