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Jun 22, 2010 at 06:03 AM

RFC To HTTP Synchronous with SSL Encryption



I have a Scenario RFC --> XI ---> HTTP with responce coming back from HTTP to xi and then in turn will go back to SAP Synchronously.

so it is like : RFC to XI and then To HTTP application at BANK partner

I know the basic steps of how to import the RFC and how to create the Data Type for HTTP request and response and doing interface mapping for request message and response message.

but my case is more complex because before i send the message to the web application over HTTP i need to encrypt the message and communicate with the web application of the bank, so i wonder how can we implement SSL to handshake with the bank successfully and how to encrypt the xml before i send the message to the bank ????

also one more interesting question is : when i send the xml file to the bank over HTTPs i have to pass only the encrypted part of the xml file as an arugment of the http what does that mean and how can i send data as an argument inside the HTTP request ??

please help me out guys and thanks in advance

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