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Jun 21, 2010 at 05:52 PM

Multiple order in single day


Hi to all

I welcome to all for sharing your knowledge for helping one issue. We have performence base maint plan and it is generated many calls in single day.

The maintenance plan has task lists of 7 operations and 5,6,7 th operation is assigned with many packages like 2000,8000,16000Hours. The measurement point earlier has the annual estimate as 8500. Now recently user changed as 6000. upto now order is generated single in single day. In my knowledge after annual estimate changes its generates multiple orders in single day. the present measurement reading is 4900 Hrs.And while looking the maint strategy the users are assigned same hierarchy no for some of packages.

Now with above case i have seen many orders in single day.Even one order has 16000 Hrs operation despite the measurement document just reaches 4900 hrs. Please explain is the problem happens due to the maint package hirarachy or task lists multi package selection or annual estimate chages.

Please explain ..thanks