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Jun 21, 2010 at 02:10 PM

unable to same net value in pricing in sales order


HI All,

In a pricing procedure, i have suggested price(ZSUG) and cust price (ZCUST). Suggested price is a total of selling price and freight charges for VA01 and VA02 as in the following:

suggested price of 50 lb will be $0.50 per lb and net value = $24.93

cust price of 50lb is $0.50 per lb and net value = $25.

I want both suggested price and cust price to be the same in net value.

In pricing procedure, there is custom routine in column 'Basic Type' which calculates the unit price. This routine has a logic checking on XKOMV-KSTEU ne 'C'.

When i create sales order, the xkomv-ksteu = 'A'.

However in changing sales order, the xkomv-ksteu = 'C'.

Both create and change sales order should have xkomv-ksteu = 'A'. What could have cause the condtion control to change ?

Cust price(ZCUST) is manually control and does not have condition record.

Any suggestions are appreciated.