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Jun 21, 2010 at 01:02 PM

URL of SapGui-embedded Webdynpro Applications?


Hi there,

I am struggling to automate webdynro transactions with ecatt. I noticed webdynpro applications come in two flavours:

1) The ones opened in a browser window

2) The ones opened embedded in the SAPGUI with no extra browser window. Example: Transaction SOLMAN_WORKCENTER on a SOlution Manager System.

In order to automate Webdynpro transactions with ecatt one needs the URL of the webdynpro application.

I have no clue how to find out the URL of a webdynpro application if it is not opened in a browser (case 2).

There is no url bar, and no way to view the page source via the context menu.

Regards & Thanks in advance,