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copy control for inbound delivery

Hi All,

I need some help for copy control for inbound delivery. Can any one let me know where is the customization for this?

Is it t.code VTLA.

Path in IMG:Logistics Exectuion--

>copy control

>specify copy control for delivery

But I am not sure if the above is the correct customization path.

The reason....

for target document type EL(Inbound delivery) the source document type is DL (order type schduling agreement). Ideally for inbound delivery the source document type should be purchase order. But I can't find the purchase order document types in F4 option.

All documents which are showing are sales order.

Awiting your reply.



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2 Answers

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    Jun 21, 2010 at 12:43 PM

    Specify Copy Control for Deliveries

    In this menu option, you define control data for the document flow of deliveries.

    You can specify for a particular delivery type, which document type is to be assigned to copied reference documents, and which item categories are to be copied.

    You must also make specifications for copying requirements and data transfer, as well as quantity and value updates in document flow. This must be done for each copying procedure at header and item level on a detail screen.


    If you define new sales document types, item categories or schedule line categories by copying existing ones, the SAP system automatically copies all specifications for the document flow. You may want to check the copy controls for newly created sales document types, item categories or schedule line categories.


    1. Check the document flow defined in the standard SAP R/3 System.

    2. Define to what extent you have to modify its specifications to meet your requirements.

    3. Define the document flow for deliveries with reference to sales document types.


    Make sure to maintain copy control for the following areas:

    Sales documents


    Billing documents

    If you cannot find an entry, check the copy controls in other chapters.

    Complete overview of copy control:

    In the chapter on sales, you can find copy controls for:

    Sales documment by sales document

    Billing document by sales document

    In the chapter on deliveries, you can find copy controls for:

    Sales document by delivery

    In the chapter on billing, you can find copy controls for:

    Sales document by billing document

    Delivery by billing document

    Billing document by billing document

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    • Former Member

      Hi Afshad,

      Thanks for your response. But this doesn't answer my query. You have just copy pasted the F1 help avilable in the above customization menu path which I have already read.

      My question is simple how the for the inbound delivery docuement type EL the reference document type(Source document type) is DL as this is not the purchase order document type.

      Could you clarify and confirm that this the correct preceeding document this means the purchasing document. As purchasing document in this case is the preceeding document.



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    Jun 21, 2010 at 01:07 PM

    The source document type is meant for sales documents itself, so you will find all sources refering to sales. However as the source for the inbound delivery is purchase order, the customising for this is maintained in 'delivery' node of 'shipping'. Under delivery node there is delivery type in which for EL type in the 'Order reference' section the 'order required' entry is 'Purchase order'.

    Amit G

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    • Former Member

      Hey Amit,

      you r on SDN right now. Fine the path what you had given I saw the docuement type DL assigned as default order type under order reference.

      But when i tried to understand what does it mean then I got the below help.

      +Default order type for deliveries without reference to order

      The default for a "pseudo" order type for deliveries or delivery items

      that do not refer to an existing order.


      When you create delivery documents that do not refer to existing orders,

      you must provide some of the control criteria that are normally copied

      from a sales document header into the delivery document.


      A delivery document, for example, needs information about which item

      types need to be defined.


      You can define a pseudo order type in Table TVAK. When you create a

      delivery that does not refer to an existing order, the system

      automatically uses the pseudo order type+

      and from this I can't understand one thing that in my case I am creating the inbound delivery with reference to PO, but this one is for orders which doesn't have any reference order to them.