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Jun 21, 2010 at 09:21 AM

automatic bin search strategy



Example :

Material : A

Capacity Usage : 1.794

Qty for putaway : 6 ea

Storage strategis :

There are several bins of Storage type B1B have enough capacity to load that above 6 ea of 1.05458.0500

Logically - for example - if capacity of storage bin L01101 is 40.100, means it can load = 40.100/1.794 = 22 ea of mateial with suffix .0500

Total stock at that bin 4 ea of material with suffix .0500 only.

In the fact, when we run create TO for putaway system is not read bin L01101 but it propose to put the goods on open area which is Z1B because there is no empty bin on storage type B1B

i've three open TOs for putaway refer to returned goods from our customers.

There are mostly the same process for creating of TO for putaway from incoming goods from vendor nor returned from customer, if system put the materials on open area then operator is not allow to choose the bins.

TOs created by system and we can't interrupt it for choosing the right bins refer to hazardous class segregation

For returned from customers, all returned goods must goes to storage type K1B (we treat is as open storage) and system is already follow of our setup, but system always take bin C05601 only which is not correct since we have some bins under this storage type.

Looking forward to your kind reply.