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Jun 21, 2010 at 08:34 AM

BPC Report : Subtotal by Dimension Property's value


Dear BPC Experts,

I'd like to use the subtotal function per the dimension "property's value".

I think the "excel" subtotal function would be a possible solution,

but is there any way to achieve this via using the BPC functionality?

Here's an example:

[ Dimension A ]

ID| |EVDescription||PropertyA

100||Description A||1000 ==> ACCOUNT Expense 100 USD

101||Description B||1001 ==> ACCOUNT Expense 200 USD

102||Description C||1002 ==> ACCOUNT Expense 300 USD

103||Description D||1001 ==> ACCOUNT Expense 400 USD

104||Description E||1000 ==> ACCOUNT Expense 500 USD

105||Description F||1002 ==> ACCOUNT Expense 600 USD

106||Description G||1002 ==> ACCOUNT Expense 700 USD

In this example, I'd like to get the subtotal value of ACCOUNT Expense

per PropertyA value which is not a dimension ID in my report(Row:Dimension A, Column:ACCOUNT)

like below;


Subtotal 1000|| 600 USD

Subtotal 1001|| 600 USD

Subtotal 1002||1600 USD

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.