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Jun 21, 2010 at 08:02 AM

Taking Incremental backup with Brtools


Hi Team ,

We have IBM Trivoli TSM server where we keep the backups ..while configuring the RMAN with Brtools 7.20 i can take full or (0) level backup using back device type as UTIL_FILE and backup type as full and it is working perfectly fine but as i change the option full to incr or try to take (1) level backup it throws the error" BR0191E Value 'incr' of parameter/option 'backup_mode/-m' not supported for 'util_file' "

If i incrmental backup to DISK it goes fine but doesnot work for UTIL_FILE . it seems it is an libary issue as RMAN uses external libary to backup .

my question is my system has already has External Backup Library installed i.e IBM Trivoli , do i need to maintain some special entry for Incremental backup ??

Please suggest