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Jan 30, 2019 at 02:52 PM

Export/Group Issues in Crystal Reports


I am having an issue with a sub report and exporting. So I have 2 sub reports that have to run before my data can run, so I have a group where my sub reports sit and my data is in the details section. When I export there is a line inserted where the group is and then the details section where the data I need to see is. If I suppress the details section the sub reports will not run and the data will be excluded, if I put all my info in the header with the sub reports the sub reports run at the same time and I do not get the numbers I need. How do I get the sub reports to run first without having to put them in the group header? I have tried putting them in the report header but they do not run for each data set. The main issue is when I export there are extra lines being inserted in the excel document. Which is an issue cause the end user needs to just export without needing to mess with the excel doc.