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Jun 20, 2010 at 07:57 PM

To make one environment in sync with production XI


Hi All,

Currently I am building my DR(Disaster Recovery) envirornment for our production BOXI R3.1 environment.

Whenever production goes down for long time, we will user DR as a production one. Thus it will work as a failover for production. To do this, DR should be always in sync with production.

I am trying to figure out the best way to make it in sync with production.

One approach is:Copy the CMS database and FRS input/output directories of production to DR CMS database and FRS input/output directories. Then when production goes down, I can start DR envioenment and reroute all users to it. I am thinking to copy CMS database and FRS input/output directories weekly basis. But in our environment FRS input/output directories are huge in size to copy each time and this might cause some n/w problem.

Thereofore I am checking if there is any other best way to make DR in sync with production. Any other feature provided by BO?

Please suggest me any other way which you have already implemented in your organization.

Below are my enviornment details for production as well as DR:


Product: BOXI R3.1

OS: Linux

CMS DB : Oracle 10g

Web Application server: 5.5



Swapnil Rodge.