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Invoice Correction Request

Dear All,

I have a invoice for which i want to execute invoice correciton request, due to client scenario I want to create another pricing procedure because price difference only limited condition type will suppose to change.

I made all the required step and assignment, at order level the actual or previous pricing procedure is by default is call (actual or previous mean the invoice procedure that I have called) but when creating for billing my desire procedure is call but few condition like MWST is remain unstatistical, in invoice correction procedure I mark as statistical..

Can any one tell me the reason why its behaving like this.


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3 Answers

  • Jun 21, 2010 at 01:48 PM


    when a condition is copied (and not redetermined) from a sales document to anohter, then everything is copied, including the statistical indicator.

    Best regards,


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    • Dear Ivano,

      But if i maintain the copying control of carry out new price, then the situation is different system call another new price at invoice.

      Pls tell me the solution. what should i will do to cater this scenario.


  • Jun 23, 2010 at 05:51 AM


    If there are any corrections in the billed amount or if the customer has returned the goods for any reason,

    the difference is settled by issuing credit or a debit memo or a credit for returns. All these documents are termed billing documents in SAP.

    You can make any corrections to the invoices amount or give any refunds to the customer using credit memos (G2) and

    debit memos (L2). These documents are usually created with reference to a credit (or debit) memo request. In that case,

    it is an order-related billing. However, credit and debit memos can be created with reference to invoices as well.

    Invoice Corrections

    Invoice corrections (document type RK) represent the process of adjusting or correcting

    the customeru2019s invoice. Unlike debit and credit sales documents where you

    create two separate documents (one for debit and one for credit), the document type

    RK allows you to create a single correction document for your invoice. The structure

    of the document consists of a header and item data. The item data always consists of

    two items. The first item is always a debit item, and the second is the credit item. The

    net invoice correction amount is a sum total of both the lines leading to an upward

    or downward revision of the original invoice amount.

    A combination of the document category (value K) and the indicator field (value

    D) categorizes document type RK as an invoice correction document. The reference

    mandatory field in customizing for document type RK contains value M. This

    forces the document type to be created only with reference to an invoice document.

    The document type RK is not relevant for delivery and creates an order-relevant

    billing, G2. A default billing block exists in customizing for document type RK,

    which ensures proper validation by an authorized person before the RK document

    can be billed. The item categories G2N and L2N are available in standard SAP for

    use with the document type RK.

    Regards from Pakistan

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  • Jun 26, 2010 at 07:29 AM

    same pricing procedure is applied.

    Looking for hte client feedback.


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