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scheduling of stock transport order

Dear all,

i have to plants plant A as planning plant and plant B as production plant , FG is tarnsfered from B to A through Stock transport order (SPK 40) .when we maintain a requirement in plant A STO is generated in plant A and planned order at plant B , my problem is the system takes only the delivery time between the 2 plants and neglects the scheduling of the planned order even if it will finish production after the delivey time between the 2 plants.

is there any way to backward scheduling of STO between plants.


Ahmed Sobhi

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2 Answers

  • Jun 20, 2010 at 12:19 PM

    Dear ,

    What system is doing logically correct because Material X is treated as external to plant A which will conside the Planned delivery Time between Planning plant and Production Plant .Backward Scheduling of STO will not changes the Scheduling dates in Production Order of X (but it can change the scheduling of planned order before converting planned order to production order -re-run MRP) at production plant because there are two types of scheduling happend to any order .

    a)Basic dates scheduling :This is independent of required qty. This will take time from material master mrp2 view.

    b) Lead time scheduling: This is dependent of requirement qty. This will take time from routing. This is very accurate.

    2.To calculate total days

    For inhouse production, system will consider Inhouse production time( mrp 2 view),GR processing time, Opening period.

    For External procurement system will consider Processing time for purchasing (OPPQ), Planned delivery time(MRP2),GR processing time(mrp2)

    But In production plant , FG schedueling is based on Ponit 1/ Point 2 and it will not consider the Planned delivery time (it is only applicable for external procure item )

    Why do not you apply the Production in Alternative plant concept in your business process to make life more easy ?

    Let say , Plant -A planning plant -All the customer demands are comming here(Sales Order ) .

    Plant -B-Production Plant where production will happen based on the requirement in Plant -A

    1. Create BOM, Routing for material X in planning plant A.

    2.Maintain material master for X1 in planning plant. Maintain spl. procurement key 80 in mrp2 view.

    3.Maintain material master for X1 in production plant B. No spl. procurement key required.

    4.Maintain BOM & Routing in B.

    5.In SPRO> Production> MRP> Define spl. procurement key type - production in alt plant - enter issue plant.

    6.Carry out mrp run in A-Planning plant.During mrp run system create planned order for planning plant A.

    7.When planned order convert to production order in A in B also planned order will convert to prod order.

    8.When goods receipt in prod plant B, stock will increase in planning plant A

    Hope this will be useful to you .



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      i thought about this solution but its problem that during MRP run the system dont consider any stocks from material X available at production plant and will consider only stocks of planning plant.


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    Jun 20, 2010 at 12:42 PM


    The STO is already backward scheduled, using planned delivery time.

    The sequence of events is usually:

    MRP runs at depot. MRP creates a stock transport requisition which generates a requirement in Production. At the time of creation of the STPR, the supporting planned order has not yet been created.

    MRP runs at production. MRP creates a planned order based on the requirements generated by the STPR.

    All of this is done using standard SAP infinite planning. There is no checking of availability. If the planned order is set to 'no start in past', and if the required finish date of the planned order is too soon to allow backward scheduling, it will use 'today' scheduling. The finish date of the Planned order will then not match with the requirements date of the STPR, and MRP will generate an exception message against the planned order. Do not expect that the resulting plan is 'do-able', all infinitely generated plans must be evaluated by a planner before releasing to production.

    Later, a human will create an STO. During creation, the human begins by adopting the (unrealistic) schedule of the STPR. During this process, he has the option to change the schedule of the STO to a date that makes more sense. If you have a recent version of ECC, the availability check can be set to propose realistic dates during the conversion STPR to STPO. Read the online help at to set this up.



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