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Jun 20, 2010 at 05:01 AM

Sending selection screen information to another program.


Hi Friends ,

we have a requirement here.

I have 2 reports , each having a selection screen , and finally after entry in selection screen, the result is generated as alv reports.

Current requirement is, in teh first report, i had to make the selection screen of the second report [ in blocl 2] along with the existing first report selection screen [block 1] . So, now there are two blocks in the first report.

Now the requirement is , whn i fill up the selection criteria of the second report in the screen, on execution of the report, the program should be able to collect the secelction screen information from the firts report, block 2 , and submit it in the second report, and execute the second report , and generate the output.

I am just uncomfortable / unaware of the syntax, or code to SUBMIT the selection screen information to the second report , from the first report.

Can any one help me with the necesary code in the firts report to submit the block 2 information, and the code in report 2 , to receive it.