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Jan 30, 2019 at 06:58 AM Invalid literal null


Dear SAP Experts,

I'm getting the below error in SAP CPI iflow. This is while calling C4C ODATA service.

It was working fine in PRD system but all of a sudden we started getting this error.

1. Tried with different iflow, gives the same error.

2. Checked on the C4C side, it is working fine.

3. Tested with POSTMAN tool this ODATA service is working fine.

Read one of the SAP note which asked to check CP trace, couldn't find much about this error. The issue is only while calling from CPI. Can anyone has idea on this?

Error Details Invalid literal null, cause: 
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid literal null 

Please help.


Vidhya Nizamkar