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Jun 19, 2010 at 07:16 AM

Regarding Subcontacting scenario



for my client where they have send 100 nos of A material to subcontacting vendor for making 100 nos of B and along with that i have send the subcontactinng challan for 100 nos. but due to excise law, vendor side, he send back the 50 nos of A within 180 days to the plant in order to protect them any penalty from excise dept.

The process followed


MB1B(541) for 100 nos of A to subcontracting vendor(49000001)

J1IF01(40001) for 100 nos of A

MIGO( 101) for 50 nos of B with 50 nos(543) consumed

That means the remaining quantity(50 nos of A) is lying at the vendor side.

J1IFQ for 50 nos of A.

then i have done 542 movement type for bringing the material back from the subcontracting vendor due to tcorssing of the time lenght (180days).

then once again i will send the goods to same vendor for remaining 50 nos of A (MB1B-541Mvt type)

J1IF01 I will create the another challan(40002) for 50 nos of A.

My question:-

is it possible in SAP where i could see the reduction of 50 nos wrt to challan no(40001) in report. that means if i open any report then i could see that for 40001 challan, the total quantity should be 50 nos.

Thanks praveer