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Jan 29, 2019 at 04:12 PM

Q4 Release enhancement.Platform. Reference number XAF-21539.



Can you help me with the enhancement from Q4 release with reference number "XAF-21539" and the description "Previously, picklist values on the Manage Data page did not respect the logged-in user's permission for target population. As a result, they could see all objects even if they were not actionable. For example, if a user only had permission to view departments in the Engineering group, the dropdown showed all department values outside of engineering as well but did not allow the user to act on them. You now have the option to restrict the list of values displayed based on the logged-in user's permissions. Contact your Enablement Partner or SAP Cloud Support to enable this feature."

How i can activate it? Can you please share with me more information about it?

Thank you!