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Jan 29, 2019 at 02:45 PM

SAP UI5 - Read 50K rows from Excel in SAP UI5 and Upload to SAP Backend using Odata



I am completely new to SAP Fiori, SAP UI5 and Odata there would like some expert advice.

We have a requirement to create a custom Fiori application using SAP UI5 as frontend and OData to get backend data which will allow user to browse and render data from excel file (20K rows with 12 columns ) in SAP UI5 table and upload this data (create operation on some rows, update operation on some rows ) using Odata services to SAP backend table.

Another requirement is to read all data (80k rows with 12 columns) from same backend table and display it on SAP UI5,

Is is possible to achieve this using SAP UI5 and Odata with good UI5 Performance ?

Can we perform multiple operations in a single Odata call ?