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Jun 18, 2010 at 03:29 PM

0BP_DEF_ADDRESS_ATTR Extraction of timedependent masterdata


Hello all,

After an upgrade of the CRM system to the newest release, the datasource 0BP_DEF_ADDRESS_ATTR is sending 0 records in an RSA3 test on the source system. Time dependency adresses has been enabled.

i've seen some post about looking if all tables are filled and yes all the following tables containt data.

All the following tables are filled.







is there a new datasource that sould be use for extracting adress data for 0bpartner?

on the website i came across this 0TB_BPARTNERADDRUSE_ATTR datasource.

this module is not installed on our CRM system and seen the description it sforbanking purpusses.

Type of DataSource Attributes (master data)

Application Component SAP Business Partner for Financial Services (FS-BP)

Available from OLTP Release TRBK 3.0

Does anyone know what is wrong here or if there is anathor datasource that sould be used to extract adress amster data for 0bpartner?

Any help would be appriciated

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