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Jun 18, 2010 at 01:04 PM

Query Problem


SELECT T0.[DocNum] AS 'Document Number', T1.[RefDate] AS 'Posting Date', T2.[Account] AS 'Account Code', T2.[Credit] AS 'Credit Amount', T2.[Debit] AS 'Debit Amount', T2.[LineMemo] AS 'Row Details', T1.[TransId] AS 'Transaction Number' FROM [dbo].[OWOR] T0 INNER JOIN [dbo].[OJDT] T1 ON T1.[TransId] = T0.[TransId] INNER JOIN [dbo].[JDT1] T2 ON T2.[TransId] = T1.[TransId] WHERE T0.[PostDate] Between GETDATE() -180 and GETDATE() and T2.[Account] = (N'11010100' ) AND T2.[Debit] > (0.1 ) oR T2.[Credit] > (0.1 ) ORDER BY T0.[Type],T1.[TransId]

Hi have written the above query to pull through posting into the wip variance account above 0.01 in the last month. The query actually shows all the postings rather than just the ones in the last month. I know it has something to do with the T0.[PostDate] Between GETDATE() -180 and GETDATE(). But I cant figure it out any advice??