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Jun 18, 2010 at 01:00 PM

Able to have charctistic hierarchy as display too?


I have a characteristic - say Profit Center - in one BEx query marked as a hierarchy variable. Works well thru universe & WebI in that it (1) is easy for users to navigate the hierarchy in a prompted query filter and (2) works well for query drill. Disconnect arises in that Profit Center is a dynamic hierarchy - leaf profit center can be at any level - and users want a single dimension to display the leaf instead of query/displaying all dimensions genned for max nbr of levels (as if the characteristic was defined as "display"). Can I have the best of both worlds? Can I configure the characteristic to act as a hierarchy for prompt filters and drill down, as well as a display characteristic genning a dimension object displaying the leaf profit center? My BW co-workers and I can't find it. Anybody have a solution? ... or a better work-around than querying all dims genned in a hierarchy? thx, ck