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Jun 18, 2010 at 10:49 AM



Dear Experts,

I have a problem in STO-

I have created a STO with quantity 20 of material, and did VL10B in and created 4 PGI's (VL02N) against the delivery document with 5 units each. So there are 4 delivery documents (and PGI) created for STO (20 units).

Now, I do MIGO, and receive all 20 units against one of the delivery documents.

System allows me to receive all the quantities against one delivery document. Also If I do MIGO again for remaining 3 delivery documents, system still allows me to do it, which should not happen at all as I already have received 20 units against the first delivery note.

What are the configurations required so that system gives error message if MIGO quantity is more that delivery quantity.