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Jun 18, 2010 at 10:26 AM

Moving Internal Table data from SAP to external Oracle Database


Hi Experts,

I have a requirement of inserting a large amount of data from SAP to an external Oracle Database table. The data is stored in an internal table in an ABAP program I have written and I would like to execute a similar function to the ABAP statement INSERT <dbtab> FROM TABLE <internal table> to do a bulk insert into the Oracle database instead of millions of single insert statements.

I have attempted using the CL_SQL* classes as well as EXEC SQL commands to pass the internal table to a stored procedure that I have written in the external database that would receive the internal database as an array and then execute the PL/SQL statement FORALL.... However, it seems that the data type of an internal table is not supported as a parameter that can be passed from SAP to an external database. ST11 says "unknown ABAP type : 5"

Do you know of any method I could use to pass an internal table to the external Oracle database. Or do you know how I can determine how exactly SAP executes INSERT <dbtab> FROM TABLE <internal table> in an Oracle database so that I could mimick the logic in our external database.