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Jun 18, 2010 at 09:23 AM

At least one amount is required in Document Rows



I am busy importing Journal Entries into our Namibian database but get this eror message:

"At least one amount is required in Document Rows"

All amounts have their relevant Debits & Credits (Account A = (DR) 500, Account B = (CR) 500), now there is one row that has 3 lines to make the Debit and Credit equal out:

Account 125600 = 1530.03 (CR)

Account 701040 = 1210.03 (DR)

Account 700660 = 320.00 (DR)

So all rows have there amounts and the transaction is balanced, I have tried and removed this 3 Lined Row and tested the import same thing and same error message; is there anything I might be missing?


Kurt Walters