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Jan 28, 2019 at 04:09 PM

LOSC with a blackboxed storage type and subsystem


Hi everyone,

I am currently facing the following challenge at a customer project:

We are running an automatic palett storage in a blackboxed storage type, which is connected to a non-SAP system. In EWM we just have one storage bin representing the whole storage.

Since we are dealing with paletts, HU-management is active for this storage type.

The subsystem also takes care of the stock removal strategies, it selects the actual HUs to be moved. Therefore this storage type is set up as a bulk storage!

Now it comes to a problem: while moving HUs out of this storage type (for an outbound delivery for instance), we want to take a intermediate step:

|Blackbox| --> |Pickingpoint| --> |Destination/GI-Zone|

The 1st movement to the pickingpoint is done by the subsystem (WMTORD->WMTOCO), the second one to the final destination is done in EWM.

My attempt is to solve this material flow by using LOSC, but that does not work: since we are talking about moving stock from a bulk storage type, EWM does not know which HU to move while WT creation. Thats why the HU-WT (the 1st movement to the pickingpoint) cannot be created.

If we process this movement via RF, the LOSC works perfectly and generates the missing WT after entering the HU on the source screen.

But in our scenario this WT is confirmed by a subsystem...

Does anyone have a clue how to solve this? Is this a gap in the EWM architecture or is my attempt just wrong?

Thanks a lot!!