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Jun 18, 2010 at 04:29 AM

BAPI/BAdI/OSS notes for PRT measuring.document auto.update -REM scenario


Dear Forum members,

In a REM scenario how to pull the PRT's assigned to the individual operation in the routing to the planned order.

(In my understanding if we carry out a elad time scheduling we get the operation deatils along with the timings under the detailed

planning tab and we can see the component's list)

Is there any OSS notes/BAdI/BAPI which addresses the measuring document update automatically as per the confirmation

quantity made in a REM scenario.

Eg: If the confirmation quantity is for 100,then whatever the PRT(equipment category)linked to the routing should get updated

automatically for 100 quantity,(the measuring document should get generated for an usage value as 100).

Please give your suggestions and input on this concept.


S Mangalraj