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Jun 17, 2010 at 07:08 PM

Extended Notifications for UWL


Hi gurus,

I am trying to configure extended notifications to work with UWL. Problem is the notifications are not saved or sent by SWN_SELSEN.

Our SAP system is Netweaver 7.0 EhP 1.

I followed instructions found here:

However, we already had configured the workflow to use extended notifications with SAPGUI. So when I ran SWN_SELSEN, the old notification still showed up, but not the UWL version. So I deleted the schedule for the old configuration, thinking there might be interference. Again I created a work item and ran SWN_SELSEN, this time no notifications saved or sent. I found that I could run RSWNUWLSEL and the notification is saved, but not sent.

Any idea what the problem might be?

Also I noticed that in the Worflow Book (2nd ed.) it shows to update the General Settings in SWNCONFIG with a url for the UWL. But I don't see that instruction in the SAP Help? Do I still need to do that? If so, is that url a portal quicklink to the UWL iView?

For what it's worth, here is what we are trying to accomplish:

1) the links in the email should take the user to the UWL, not SAPGUI

2) for a user decision, currently the user has to login with their backend system password, which may not be the same as their network password; I'm assuming that if the links now go to the UWL, it will require the user's portal id/password - which is synchronized with their network password, and that is what we want.

So if just putting the UWL url in the general settings will do the job, then why do I need all that stuff in the SAP Help (RSWNUWLSEL, etc.) anyway?

Any enlightenment would be appreciated!