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Jun 17, 2010 at 03:27 PM

Trigger MM01 from Workflow



I am having a problem with a call of MM01 from a workflow. The workflow must extend an item to another plant. From the workflow I would like MM01 to be displayed with the following parameters filled:

1) Material

2) Industry Sector

3) Material Type

4) Copy From Material

Then allow the user to use their default settings for Select Views and Organizational Levels or change these settings manually.

Here is my problem

When I use a BDC then the default values do not work for Select Views and Organizational levels and I get an OK_CODE prompt displaying on the screen. I did some research on SDN and found that CALL FUNCTION 'MATERIAL_MAINTAIN_DIALOGUE' would do what I need.

If I use CALL FUNCTION 'MATERIAL_MAINTAIN_DIALOGUE' then user cannot select their Select Views and Organizational levels settings. If I leave PSTAT blank then Material & Copy From Material are not filled.

Can anyone give me some help on accomplishing what Iu2019m trying to do?