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Passing parameter from UWL to Iview IAC to ITS? Please help

Hi ,

For my client's requirement, I need to pass some values to ITS transaction from a task in UWL. I am trying to do it this way. I have an ITS transaction ZCATW, I wanted to assgin this to the user. There is already an iview (IAC) page existing for this transaction (ZCATW) )and they are using this iview for long time.

Now I have created a task and assigned this to the user. And I use SWFVISU to call the iview whenever the user is accessing the workitem

I gave ID as

ID = pcd:portal_content/TRSSContent/IViews_0/zcatw(Iview page)

And dynamic parameter as

DYNPARAM =WI_ID=${item.externalId}

Now the iview is getting called correctly. But for my requirement I wanted to pass the task's work item id to the ITS transaction.

I though as configured WI_ID=${item.externalId} in SWFVISU, WI_ID parameter will be available to the iview.

And then, I created an Application parameter in SWWWIHEAD-WI_ID=WI_ID in the iview. SWWWIHEAD-WI_ID is a hidden screen field in ITS transation. When I debuged I am not getting the value for SWWWIHEAD-WI_ID. I tried hard coding some values to Application parameter SWWWIHEAD-WI_ID = '00001234'. But still the value is not getting passed to ITS screen field SWWWIHEAD-WI_ID.

Please let me know if it does work this way, or am I doing something wrong?



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    Jun 17, 2010 at 05:06 PM

    Hi Bineesh,

    Maybe this [Wiki|] can bring some light? It is directly related to the ITS, but maybe it can give you some ideas.

    All the best,


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    • Hello Christiano,

      Thank you,

      DYNP_OKCODE does not work for me, But still I used the other okay code ~Okaycode and It is writing the hardecoded value to ITS.

      So now my question changes, how will I pass the work item id from UWL task visualization to iview page( i guess by SWFVISU - DYNPARAM WI_ID=${item.externalId} ). If this is right how will pass this value to ITS now?

      SeeI am using Application parameter like this

      ~Okcode=ZCATW&=EXE&SWWWIHEAD-WI_ID=1234(hard coded for testing). It passed 1234 to my ITS screen field WWIHEAD-WI_ID. Now I should move the work item id(variable value) to ITS. I tired all the below things

      ~Okcode=ZCATW&=EXE&SWWWIHEAD-WI_ID=WI_ID ( Rememebr I am already passing WI_ID from UWL -SWFVISU )

      ~Okcode=ZCATW&=EXE&SWWWIHEAD-WI_ID=$WI_ID (Samething just tried with $)

      I also tried ~Okcode=ZCATW&=EXE&SWWWIHEAD-WI_ID=${item.externalId}

      Nothing works. So may be WI_ID is passed correctly to Iview. Please give any idea how to go about it?

      Thank you very much